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Here is a place for LOTR enthusiasts to gather and see and discuss what they have always wanted, even if your not a LOTR enthusiast just look around and try out something and have fun, theres nothing that you have to purchase and everything is basically free. Are you a Lord of the RIngs fan or enthusiast? if you are then you will enjoy this site as much as everyone else, if you're not, you can still eejoy yourself and watch some videos. Here you can ask questions on our site about the books, movies or any other thing which has to do with the Lord of the Rings. We also have some game suggestions and videos that you may like. If you have a problem or you want to have a say on anything on our site, please contact us, or just give us some feedback, either of the two will be accepted.

About Us

We are the Fans of LOTR who will never forget the unique story-telling of J.R.R Tolkien, we love LOTR and we want to share the wonderful LOTR spirit with everyone. Here on this site you can look at some marvellous pictures in our gallery, you can look at the wonderful videos and interviews as well as some deleted scenes from LOTR. You can also learn some secrets or get some unaswered questions on our LOTR Quest page. We also have some game suggestions for you to try. Have fun on our site and feel free to give us some suggestions!